There are two major applications of RecycloAid

blown-film-recyclingBlown Film Recycling:

It is the process of making plastic films by extruding plastic through a circular die. It is the most common method for manufacturing plastic films.

RecycloAid benefits in Blown Film Recycling:

  • No die build-up
  • Enhanced gloss and surface finish
  • Improved strength
  • No moisture problems like: fish eyes, porosity, lacing in films etc

Blown Film Recycling is widely used in the making Poly Bags, Garbage Bags, Lamination Sheets, Liners etc.

Recycling-PolymerPlastic Recycling:
Plastic recycling is the process of  converting general plastic scrap and post consumer scrap into useful products.

RecycloAid benefits in plastic recycling :

  • Round and solid pellets
  • Removal of porosity
  • Increase rate of production
  • No die build up