RecycloAid is a high quality polymer additive for addressing problems like poor homogenization of mixed polymer wastes, non uniform flow, pinholes, porosity, poor surface gloss etc, while processing recycled polymers.

Most recycled plastics face the problem of non homogenization. This means that while making the granules of recycled plastics, mostly, the there will be variations in various plastic streams that went in making the granules.

To explain with specific examples of recycled LLDPE :

In case of recycled LLDPE made from Post Consumer Waste (waste coming from Waste Bins / Dumping Bins), obviously there will be variations in the composition of LLDPE / LDPE etc. in the various films that were used to manufacture recycled granules.

Not just this, there will be variations because of different manufacturers and grades of the LLDPEs used in original film (that is being recycled) and so on.

Even in case of recycled LLDPE made from industrial waste, unless the waste is coming only from one factory, running only one grade of LLDPE, there will be variations in grades of LLDPE used. Similarly the MFI of various LLDPE grades will also vary.

Using RecycloAid in small dosage, normally 1% to 2%, ensures proper homogenization, giving the finished product a uniform flow, besides improved surface finish and gloss at almost all places.

At many customer trials, it has been observed that the physical properties of the end product, like dart impact strength of the film, increases.

RecycloAid also has desiccant (moisture removing) action, effectively removing moisture related problems like pinholes, fish eyes, silver streaks etc.