RecycloAid FAQs


Q 1) What is the dosage

A 1) 0 1-2% depending on the nature of Polymer/Scrap

Q 2) How does it works

A 2)  While processing in the screw barrel it reacts with the moisture or volatiles and form a stable compound.

Q 3) How to get rid of Fish eye problem

A 3) By using RecycloAid

Q 4) Is there any extra precaution required?

A 4) Following are the extra precaution

  • This is a very sensitive Additive to humidity as it reacts with atmosphere and deactivates
  • This 1Kg packet should be used immediately after opening. If the material is left in the packet after use close it carefully so that material is air tight.
  • Do not keep the material mixed with Additive for more than four hours. So mix whatever is to be used.
  • Do not mix fresh material to the Additive mixed material kept for more than four hours.
  • Hopper dries are not required while using Additive as hot air may deactive the Additive.

Q 5) Any special part / Machine required to use RecycloAid

A 5) No

Q 6) Is it feasible / economical for high value scrap

A 6) No, it is very effective for low value scrap

Q 7) What if the whole packet is not utilized

A 7) The material should be kept Air Tight

Q 8) Cost saving and processing improvement is achievable if so, How?

A 8) Same as the sheet provided to you earlier

Q 9) Could we add RecycloAid during the blow film extrusion or must done during recycling process (Pallet?)

 A 9) You can use it in both processes

Q10) Does it provide you any flexibility?

A 10) It gives the flexibility to use next lower grade of scrap

A 8) Same as the sheet provided to you earlier