RecycloAid-Additive for taking care of moisture related problems in plastic processing


Recycloaid case study 2A Delhi based manufacturer of recycled products, focuses only at scraps like Post Consumer, Irrigation Pipe, Mulch Film etc which are difficult to recycle.

Earlier, while processing recycled granules in the agglomerator/stroke mixer, the pellets used to lose their original properties and as a result  of it, the granules which came out were neither round not solid. Moreover various moisture related problems were found during the extrusion process like:

  • Die build up
  • Poor strength
  • Gassing


The company owner used RecycloAid and got surprising benefits. By simply adding 1%-2% of RecycloAid, all the moisture which was building up during the process was removed.

Besides resolving moisture related problems, RecycloAid also homogenized the polymers better and increased the melt flow rate, effectively increasing the production rate.


  • Round and solid granules
  • No die build-up
  • Removal of porosity and other moisture issues
  • Lower machine load
  • Increase in productivity