RecycloAid eliminated moisture; increased surface finish in Blown Films


Recycloaid Case Study 1A renowned company specializes in the manufacturing of Films, which are delivered all across Europe for diverse applications like Carry Bags, Poly Bags, Woven sacks, etc. The company has hi-tech infrastructure with advanced tools and equipment, more than 15 blown film extrusion machines and a professional workforce.


Earlier, while making polyethylene films, pellets where preheated in mixer for 30-40 minutes before extruding but still, the moisture remained. As a result of this moisture, various additional issues in films occurred like:

  • Constant bubble puncture
  • Poor strength
  • Gassing
  • Fish eyes
  • Porosity
  • Poor surface finish of films


The manufacturer switched to RecycloAid and all the issues of moisture were solved. RecycloAid eliminated the preheating process and as a result of it, the films regained the optical properties. Not just this, other moisture problems like gassing, bubble puncture, poor strength were also removed to a substantial extent.


  • Stable bubble
  • Removal stroke leakage
  • No gassing
  • Increased rate of production
  • Removal of fish eyes in films
  • Improved surface finish, gloss & strength