Using RecycloAid

For economic & environmental reasons, the use of recycled material has become common in the plastics industry. However, the quality of the raw material for recycling cannot always be guaranteed, particularly with regard to storage and specification. Moisture in raw materials can have undesirable effects leading to increased scrap levels and loss of production.

Common effects include porosity, surface imperfections in extruded & molded articles and windowing/lacing in extruded film. Use of special type of additives therefore become important for processors using recycled material to ensure that production efficiency & product quality are maintained. Using RecycloAid is the simplest & most cost effective way to solve moisture related problems.

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RecycloAid series of additives have been developed after extensive reasearch.

These additives can be used to recycle various polymers like PE, PP, PPS, PVC & ABS and in different processing applications such as extrusion, blow molding, blown film & rotational molding etc.

Due to their unique physical and chemical characteristicRecycloAidadditives significantly improve the quality of finished plastic products.

The finished products are free from pinholes, porosity and fish eyes. Apart from the surface finish, it improves mechanical properties like elongations, tensile strength etc.

By properly dispersing various polymers in the melt,RecycloAidimproves the flow rate, increasing the rate of production.


How RecycloAid works ?

While processing in the screw barrel it reacts with the moisture or volatiles and form a stable compound.