Using RecycloAid in Blown Films


suggested-procedureBlown Film Recycling: Procedure to use RecycloAid

Step 1 : Accumulate pellets.

Step 2: Preheat the pellets for some timeĀ  in the mixer only if they have a high moisture level.

Step 3: Add RecycloAid (1%-2%) in the mixture during the last stages.

Step 4: Transfer pellets to the Blown film hopper in order to proceed with the Blown film process.

Results after using RecycloAid:

  • Stable bubble
  • No leakage, no fish eyes
  • No gassing
  • Improved strength
  • High surface finish in films
  • Increased rate of production


  • Preheat pellets only if they have high moisture level. Otherwise, Simply add RecycloAid into the mixer during the last stages and transfer the mixture to the hopper.
  • Keep the RecycloAid packet away from moisture.
  • Do not use the unused material if it stored for a longer time.
  • Keep the packet closed to retain the shelf life of the additive.