Using RecycloAid in making granules from plastic waste


suggested-procedure-12Plastic Recycling: Procedure to use RecycloAid

Step 1:

Accumulate waste plastic from different locations.


Transport the waste scrap to a recycling centre.


Sort the plastic material.


Wash the recycled material to remove dirt and other contaminants oils/ other residues.  This is done by chopping, washing and drying the flakes.


Convert the flakes into granules.


If you are using agglomerator and adding water during the last stages of agglomeration, then ensure that RecycloAid is added(1-2%) only when the water is evaporated.


Now you can transfer the ready material into the hopper for extrusion process.

Results after using RecycloAid:

  • Solid and round granules
  • No die build-up
  • Increased rate of production
  • No moisture problems like porosity, gassing, poor strength etc
  • Improved shine in granules


  • Add RecycloAid in the agglomerator only after the water is fully evaporated.
  • Keep the packet of RecycloAid packet closed in order to keep it away from moisture.
  • If kept enclosed, RecycloAid has a shelf life up to 6 months.